WAKFU, the Brotherhood


WAKFU, the BrotherhoodWAKFU, the BrotherhoodWAKFU, the BrotherhoodWAKFU, the BrotherhoodWAKFU, the Brotherhood

Join Yugo and his friends from the WAKFU® animated collection in an adventure like no different!

Embody the heroes of the Brotherhood of the Tofu and team up with your most trusted allies to defeat the waves of metal critters despatched by Nox, the evil time grasp intent on absorbing Wakfu energy from all dwelling things.

Beat Nox and his robotic army, and stop his ruthless and lethal pursuit of life drive and energy!

In an unique story set during the occasions of the primary season of the Netflix® present, bash, dash, smash, and perform final combos to defeat the evil time grasp!

What's been accomplished can't be undone!

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