25 million worldwide downloads later, the much more powered up sushi app is back!

This is the one and solely, world’s most fun sushi simulator!

Surprise your guests with your one of a form, cute, grotesque or somewhat artistic sushi. Create it together with your family and friends to make this exercise even more fun.

Top the sushi not simply with the authentic kind, however with super expensive gourmand ingredients, bizarre sweets, critters or even with outer area planets!? The topping combos are over 1 million!

The uniques TOFU island visitors will come go to to try your authentic sushi.

Whether you’ve made the sushi as ordered or not, the guests will react to it in a humorous animation.

Would you go for the traditional sushi?

Or do you need to surprise them with tons of wasabi?

No, no! How about getting ready them a sushi with chocolate and gummy bear toppings?

Feel free to make no matter kind of sushi you'll be able to think about with this “OH SUSHI2”


-The guests has an urge to eat certain sushis however you don’t need to be obedient. They will take pleasure in anything you make.

-At each of the Nigiri, Gunkan and Roll kitchen, you possibly can arrange tens of millions of different sushis!

-At the Nigiri kitchen, you catch the fish first, then reduce it up and place it on the rice. You can stack the fish up like a high rise or even use archaic fishes!

-Try using salmon roe, gummy bears and bugs!? Throw in a planet and pile your Gunkan up!

-At the Roll kitchen, make a skinny one or an excellent fat one. It’s all up to you!

-Add the final touches by adorning your Rolls to draw your friends.

-Earn coins after providing your sushis to your friends. You can purchase attention-grabbing toppings with the coins.

-Upgrade the shop together with your earned coins. You’ll hear totally different in-retailer BGMs with upgraded stores.

-Make sushi that’s within the sushi image

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