Maryam's letter comes from the Arabic language, Maryam. Surat maryam is the 19th surah in the Qur'an. Surat maryam consists of ninety eight verses and surat maryam includes the group of surat makiyah. According to the narration of Ibn Mas'ud, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib recited the beginning of this surah of Maryam to the king of Najasyi and his followers when he emigrated with other friends to Abyssinia.

Why in the name of the letter of Mary?

because this letter contains the story of Mary or the mother of the Prophet Moses, which tells of the miraculous birth, where she gave birth to Jesus US while she had never been mixed with a man before.

Who is meant in the letter of Mary?

In the letter of Mary tells the story of Mary or the mother of the Prophet Jesus who gave birth miraculously, because the birth had never been performed by a man before , and the birth of the Prophet Jesus US without a father, is a proof of the power of Allah swt.

When was the letter of Mary revealed?

The letter of Mary was revealed after the letter of Al Kahfi or before the letter of toha

Where was the letter of Mary revealed?

The letter of Mary was revealed in the city of Mek Is it because almost all the verses were revealed before the Prophet Muhammad noticed the migration to Medina, even before his friends migrated to Abyssinia.

What is the beginning of the narration of the story of the letter of Mary?

The narration of the story of Mary as an extraordinary and miraculous event in this surah, it begins with the story of another miraculous event, namely the granting of the prayer of Prophet zakaria as by Allah swt, where he wanted to be awarded a son as heir and successor of his ideals and beliefs, while he was very old and his wife is a barren woman.

What is the meaning of surat maryam?

The meaning of surat maryam is that a greatness of Allah swt is not possible and makes it possible because of a greatness of Allah swt.

Once we know what is surat maryam, below are the main contents of surat maryam, among others.

Reading Surat Al Quran For Pregnant Women

Mother who is pregnant or pregnant is indeed the at is encouraged to do a lot of worship. But all worship must give a positive influence to the mother and the child she conceives. Especially, prayer, reading the Qur'an, almsgiving, and noble morals.

Similarly, there is no specific information from the Prophet to read a particular letter, But some scholars suggest to read the letter as follows:

• Al-Mu'minuun (Surah 23, verses 12-14)

• Lukman (Surah 31, verse 14)

• Yusuf (Surah 12, verses 1-16)

• Maryam (19th Surah, verses 1-15) is also good if everything is read ..

• Ar Rahmaan (55th Surah, verse 1 -78)

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