By Noumenon Games


What is the longest potential length a fowl could be? Obviously a query only all of the fruit in the world can reply! But where could all this fruit be hiding? Follow Redbird, Greenbird and Bluebird on a quest for an quantity of fruit beyond any birds wildest desires.

Snakebird is a very simple however deceptively difficult puzzle sport about assuming the best shapes for the task at hand, be it pushing, lifting, teleporting or just defying the laws of physics.

I’m not just hooked on Snakebird, I’m in love with the beautiful art style and endearing design of the character itself. I’d love to see an expansion, a sequel, and a derivative — at this level, I’m all in.

5/5 -

The kind of puzzler that makes you wish to hurl your device on the wall, but it remains glued to your fist as a result of it’s just so good.

5/5, App of the week - stuff.television

...the feeling of finally finishing a seemingly unimaginable puzzle after so much failure is just so wonderfully satisfying!

8.5/10 -

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