Sadhana, the spiritual journey

By ARTE Experience

Sadhana, the spiritual journeySadhana, the spiritual journeySadhana, the spiritual journeySadhana, the spiritual journeySadhana, the spiritual journey

Traveller, set down your load and hear!

I'm going to tell you the story of Svetaketu, a warrior turned wise man who was on the identical time the path and the goal.

His story begins in the thick of battle. But amid the slaughter, he was all of a sudden assailed by doubt.

And the story ends with his awakening and his oneness with all things.

Traveller, venture with him along the path that leads beyond the appearances of this world.

Take the trail of no return.

By the wise, who are free from attachment, concern and anger

and who are nicely versed within the meaning of the Vedas,

this has been verily realised as completely devoid of all imaginations

free from the phantasm of the manifold, and non-twin.

Mandukya Upanishad II.35

Each stage of the adventure is accompanied by a musical puzzle that can take you right into a meditative state. Visual puzzles as advanced as they're enjoyable: join the dots and draw symbolic constellations that will permit Svetaketu to meet his destiny.

Features :

A dreamlike art path with the mesmerizing soundtrack of James Blackshaw

An interactive story by net documentary pioneer Ana-Maria De Jesus

A poetic initiation to oriental spirituality and to the philosophy of the Upanishads: these immemorial writings that call us to concentrate on the important.

Sadhana is an interactive tale by Ana-Maria De Jesus, produced by La Générale de Production. It is co-produced and revealed by ARTE, the European culture channel and digital community, with the assist of CNC.

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