Push Ups - Training program

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Push Ups - Training programPush Ups - Training programPush Ups - Training programPush Ups - Training programPush Ups - Training program

Push-ups are the principle exercise for the higher body. Helps to develop strength and endurance, construct muscle, strengthen joints. And, in addition to coaching the muscles of the upper physique, it helps to ascertain their coordinated work with the muscular tissues of the middle and lower elements of the body.


It is necessary to carry out the required number of push-ups in whole for five approaches.

Workout program

The program is chosen personally in accordance with the physical degree. Ideal for both novice athletes and experienced professionals.


Keep track of your progress on the charts.


Set reminders not to forget about training.


- 3 exercises per week;

- relaxation between workouts for a minimal of 24 hours;

- 5 units in a single workout;

- the coaching is completed if the minimum variety of push-ups is performed (otherwise, the coaching must be repeated);

- at any stage it is potential to alter the level (increase or decrease).

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