Pigments - Color Scheme Generator

By Sorin Covor

Pigments - Color Scheme GeneratorPigments - Color Scheme GeneratorPigments - Color Scheme GeneratorPigments - Color Scheme GeneratorPigments - Color Scheme Generator

Pigments helps you create, edit and export beautiful color palettes right out of your cellphone.


★ Simple - Generate shade palettes with a easy tap.

★ Multiple generator varieties - Select from a variety of colour palette sorts (random, gradient, pastel, neutral or shade wheel harmonies - monochromatic, analogous, complementary, compound, triadic, tetradic and rectangle).

★ Adjustable colors - Tweak individual colours through the use of a visible color picker or through the use of the HEX, RGB, HSV or CMYK sliders / number inputs.

★ Adjustable variety of colours - Each colour palette can have between 1 and 20 colours.

★ Reorder - The colours can be rearranged by drag and drop.

★ Lock colors - Prevent sure colors from changing when producing a brand new shade scheme.

★ Isolation mode - Add spacing across the colours.

★ History - Undo or redo any changes made to the color palette by swiping left or proper.

★ Simulate colour blindness - Validate the accessibility of a colour palette by simulating colour blindness (protanopia, protanomaly, deuteranopia, deuteranomaly, tritanopia, tritanomaly, achromatopsia, achromatomaly).

★ Image colour picker (Premium) - Create color palettes from photographs either by choosing the colours manually or through the use of the auto pick feature. The pictures can be loaded out of your device or from a link.

★ Image shade palette collage (Premium) - Export a collage containing an image and it's color palette.

★ Save for later - The palettes could be saved, domestically, in your library.

★ Export - Export colour palettes in varied formats.

★ Share - Create a hyperlink to a palette and share it with different folks.

★ Dark and lightweight app theme

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