MP3 and Reading Quran offline with translations

By Ninja Toolkit

MP3 and Reading Quran offline with translationsMP3 and Reading Quran offline with translationsMP3 and Reading Quran offline with translationsMP3 and Reading Quran offline with translationsMP3 and Reading Quran offline with translations

Full mp3 Quran by famous reciter Abdul Basit. This app offers Quran Karim or The Koran with all the 114 Surahs so as, a minimal Qibla compass, names of Allah and reading quran with translations

The app has following options:

- Full offline mp3 Quran in high quality

- Accurate Qibla Compass

- A responsive UI with minimal Qibla Compass and no pointless settings

- Search any Surah

- Quran Reading in English translation

- Quran Reading in Hindi translation

- Quran Reading in Bangla translation and more

- 99 Names of Allah

- Read Listen Quran offline

- No web connection required for playing audio Quran recitation

- Play in background

- Clear, Best Quality and Loud Audio

- Free Quran Mp3 Tilawat

- Control the audio Quran player from notification

- Play Surahs with repeat and shuffle options

- Qibla Direction Finder

- Mishary Rashid, Saad Al-Ghamdi Mp3 Quran Audio

- Every Surah in this Quran mp3 app might be performed again to again automatically

- Quran recitation by Abdul Basit who is one of the well-known reciters like Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

- This offline Quran app has all of the 114 Surahs of Quran together with Surah Yaseen, Ar-Rahman, Al-Mulk, Al-Muzzammil, Al-Waqi'ah and so on.

- Flexible and Responsive UI

Surah List:

- Al-Fatihah (The Opening)

- Al-Baqarah (The Cow)

- Al-'Imran

- An-Nisa'

- Al-Ma'idah

- Al-An'am

- Al-A'raf

- Al-Anfal

- Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah

- Yunus

- Hud

- Yusuf

- Ar-Ra'd

- Ibrahim

- Al-Hijr

- An-Nahl

- Bani Isra'il

- Al-Kahf

- Maryam

- TaHa

- Al-Anbiya'

- Al-Hajj

- Al-Mu'minun

- An-Nur

- Al-Furqan

- Ash-Shu'ara'

- An-Naml

- Al-Qasas

- Al-'Ankabut

- Ar-Rum

- Luqman

- As-Sajdah

- Al-Ahzab

- A

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