By Fuzhou Jiasoft Software Technology


About the Book:

The Book is a reading app, dedicated to serving all people who love to read!

We have several types of books, including romance, fantasy, Xuanhuan, among others.

Everything you can think of is here!

We release new chapters every day and new books every week. We wish a good reading for all readers! And we also have several events for readers!

We keep trying to improve just to be your closest reading companion.

We have-

【Countless Books】

We have popular books of various types, selected books for ladies and gentlemen, smart recommendations and more!

【Quality Reading Experience】

Simulation page turning, choice of fonts and mode, exquisite book covers, delicate designs, among others to ensure a good experience.

【Personalized Service】

Readers can choose colors background, fonts, size, among others.

【Smart Sync】

Reading progress and notes can be intelligently synchronized and saved to your account. You don't have to worry about switching devices.

Any questions or suggestions? Please contact us:

Email: [email protected]


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