Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.

By Chaviro Software

Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.Kakuro Plus. Cross-Sums. For beginners to experts.

More than 2800 grids of one of the best puzzle-game out there. More addictive than Sudoku, with even easier rules. For hours of play, whether or not you are a newbie, or an professional at Kakuro.

Kakuro (additionally known as Kakkuro, kakro, cross sums or カックロ), is a logic game that consists of filling in a grid of numbers, in the identical way as a crossword puzzle. If you loved Sudoku logic, you'll love Kakuro's puzzles

As with Sudoku, the rules of Kakuro are simple and may be learned in a few minutes. All you have to do is make easy additions to place your logic to the check.

Kakuro Plus provides 11 completely different sport ranges and 200 puzzles per level: It will probably take you greater than a few hundred hours, and plenty of logic to get these 2200 puzzles completed.

As with Sudoku or crosswords, each puzzle has a unique answer. It is as much as you to seek out it using your logic and perspicacity.

This version of Kakuro allows you :

• To access all the 2200 Kakuro puzzles.

• To start and progress, some puzzles have been specifically designed for newbies. Their small measurement and difficulty levels is appropriate for first-time gamers.

• To entry grids of any degree. The 11 sport ranges present a clean progression, from beginner to logic expert.

• Annotate the desk, to document assumptions and move forward in difficult circumstances.

• To return: there's a UNDO button to cancel up to one hundred actions. Don't be afraid to check your assumptions anymore.

• To get pleasure from high definition graphics for optimum readability.

If you get hooked on this recreation, you possibly can add new puzzles of various levels.

This version of Kakuro adds distinctive features:

• An automatic deletion of pointless assumptions, when certainly one of them is not logical.

• A assist system, which provides you many possibilities:

• Check if your grid has errors, without displaying them to you. This

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