Enviro-Bear 2010

By Captain Games

Enviro-Bear 2010Enviro-Bear 2010Enviro-Bear 2010Enviro-Bear 2010Enviro-Bear 2010

Who is driving that car? Oh my God, a Bear is Driving! How can that Be?!

* Grab stuff together with your finger.

* Eat Fish and Berries.

* When you might be FAT sufficient, drive right into a cave to Hibernate.

* You can throw stuff out the windows and sunroof!

It is, fairly simply, one of the best Bear-based mostly driving sim of all time - rockpapershotgun

Enviro-Bear 2010 is a game made by loopy folks ... practically inconceivable to get to wherever you need to go

- SlideToPlay.com

The driving controls provide as sensible of an experience as I can imagine if I were a bear driving a car

- TouchArcade.com

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