Dinosaur Aqua Adventure - Ocean Games for kids

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Dinosaur Aqua Adventure - Ocean Games for kidsDinosaur Aqua Adventure - Ocean Games for kidsDinosaur Aqua Adventure - Ocean Games for kidsDinosaur Aqua Adventure - Ocean Games for kidsDinosaur Aqua Adventure - Ocean Games for kids

The animals have escaped from the aquarium!

Combining enjoyable quests with academic concepts, Dinosaur Aqua Adventure makes wealthy pure science and biology knowledge accessible and fascinating.

An Undersea Adventure!

Become a baby turtle, shark, jellyfish, and penguin. Explore the world of marine life through the animal perspective and discover their method house.

Discover Animal Habitats!

Dive deep into the sea; roll with the waves; dance with dolphins in tropical oceans; and extra! Search for the perfect habitat for each animal and benefit from the stunning scenery from every nook of the globe.

Observe Animal Habits

Watch a toothpick fowl clear a crocodile's teeth; help a hungry shark discover tasty treats on the sea ground; learn about animal development patterns by way of penguin molting.

Sandbox Construction Game

Build homes for marine life!

Position coral, shells, even treasure chests to make each residence perfect--there are not any limits here!

Feed marine life, together with whales, dolphins, and manta rays.

Encounter as much as 35 species of marine animals.

Learn the variations between herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, as well as between predators and prey.

Enjoy all of the fishes swimming freely in the houses you construct. Play with them!


Observe key traits and behaviors of 5 animals, traveling their habitats and becoming immersed in organic data

Explore polar areas, tropical oceans, the deep sea, inexperienced algae forests, wetlands

Enjoy rich interaction embodying enjoyable natural science training methods

Interact with 60 kinds of corals, 35 marine animals, and build marine life properties

Feed animals sixteen sorts of food to better perceive feeding habits

Dive into marine worlds because of delicate and vivid animation

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