Designer City 2: city building game

By Sphere Game Studios - City Building Games

Designer City 2: city building gameDesigner City 2: city building gameDesigner City 2: city building gameDesigner City 2: city building gameDesigner City 2: city building game

Design and build a town, nurture and develop it into a gigantic sprawling metropolis.


To construct a successful city in, this free city building recreation, you'll need to draw residents by constructing houses, condos, flats and skyscrapers for them to live in. Once they've settled in, they may need employment alternatives so you will also assemble businesses and trade where they will work. Add bars, eating places, theaters, stadiums and other leisure services to keep your people happy. Add lots of of skyscrapers to decorate your city skyline.

Your residents don't wish to stay in a polluted town so you will need to carefully zone your city and make sure that you decorate your city with plenty of trees, parks and real life iconic buildings from all over the world. Manage energy and water provides for your town, provide trash removal and farm the land to produce meals to feed your city.

Happy sims will work tougher and create more income so that you can spend building and improving your city skyline. Manage giant transport networks, in this metropolis builder game, to maintain your citizens moving each day and evening. Build massive seaports and airports to increase trade and journey on this build a town constructing sport.


Sculpt your landscape the best way you want it. Lower the land to create rivers, lakes and coastlines. Raise it to create elevated land, hills and mountains. Totally distinctive in city building video games!

Enjoy the 'low poly' art fashion as you construct and develop your approach to the highest on this citybuilder. What will your city skyline appear to be when you've finished building your dream metropolis skylines in this town builder recreation?

Designer City 2 provides you the entire freedom to design and build a city your method. Plan and evolve your metropolis building nevertheless you want. A city constructing game at your individual velocity, your personal style and you

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