Carnivores: Ice Age

By Tatem Games Inc.

Carnivores: Ice AgeCarnivores: Ice AgeCarnivores: Ice AgeCarnivores: Ice AgeCarnivores: Ice Age

Epic winter searching finally on Android!

Carnivores: Ice Age throws you onto a lately found planet to test your aiming and tactical skills on a practical ice safari. The sport delivers an clever searching experience and offers much more than a visit to a taking pictures range. Unrivaled chance to wander round open 3D world with out limits makes the method of discovering prey thrilling and the entire recreation endlessly replayable.

The hunter, outfitted with weapons and all types of looking equipment like camouflage and cover scent, wants not solely to be quiet as a mouse when approaching a saber-tooth beast but additionally care for details like wind direction not to end up as animal's dinner. Advanced AI of the animals turn them from dummy targets to aggressive hosts protecting their planet and add a shooter feeling to the gameplay.

Pack your things and begin hunting in Carnivores: Ice Age if you are ready to explore the new big world and think earlier than you shoot.

The recreation options:

• Huge 3D world open for exploration

• True-to-life searching expertise

• 3D animals, from frequent Saber-tooth Tiger to mysterious Woolly Rhinoceros

• 5 maps with totally different panorama and local weather

• Hunting equipment to be used for good hunting

• Interactive Trophy room

• HD graphics

• Hours of nostalgia for many who bear in mind playing it on their PC

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