Baby Panda's Life: Cleanup

By BabyBus

Baby Panda's Life: CleanupBaby Panda's Life: CleanupBaby Panda's Life: CleanupBaby Panda's Life: CleanupBaby Panda's Life: Cleanup

Dear children, it is your present time!


- The lawn is a multitude. Let's sweep the waste away! Then drive the mower to mow the lawn and eliminate all weeds.

- The rabbit hutch is so soiled. Please help clean it. Sweep the ground and placed on a new mat. The rabbit hutch is all cleaned up!


- Sort bowls, plates, and cups based on their functions.

- Take a fabric to clean off the stains. Then rinse the bubbles away and the tableware are all clean.


- Toys must be put in the storage basket. Boat toys, octopus toys, and water guns... Remember to empty the water guns!

- There is water on the toilet floor. Please use a mop to wash it up so you won't slip and fall.


- The table lamp is damaged. Can you fix it? Wipe the base clear first, repaint it and put on a new lampshade. The desk lamp has been repaired.

- Is the crown damaged? Apply glue to the damage and stick shining jewels on it. The crown is fastened.

This cleaning recreation will educate youngsters the way to clear house up.

Huh? The study and lounge still need cleaning up? Please keep cleansing the rest of the home.

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