Baby Panda's Art Classroom

By BabyBus

Baby Panda's Art ClassroomBaby Panda's Art ClassroomBaby Panda's Art ClassroomBaby Panda's Art ClassroomBaby Panda's Art Classroom

Baby Panda's Art Class is in session!

This is an artwork classroom designed specifically for kids aged 2-5! Games of music, drawing and youngsters crafts for youngsters to recognize colour, study to draw, sing and dance to music to inspire their interest within the arts.

Baby Panda's Art Classroom includes following mini-video games:


- Fingerprint Drawing: Imprint fingerprint on the screen and watch it flip into a balloon, grape, leaf…Children can create artwork with no pen!

- Creative Artwork: Scribble or tap anywhere on the drafting board to turn doodles into cookies, noodles, dragon fruits and other funny food.

- Coloring Book: Identify crayons of various colours and use them to replenish the clean coloring pages. Learn colour patterns and make paintings!


- Rhythm Training: Listen to the tune, faucet notes based on the rhythm and acquire stars for higher score!

- Children's Songs: Learn children's music with child panda and play music with little rabbit!


- Modeling Clay: Choose clay of various colours and make noodles, flowers, or crabs out of it with tools.

- Paper Cutting: Cut paper within the form of a lion, stick it on the wooden and you have a fan!

-Necklace Making: Collect bottle caps, decorate them with paint brush and stickers, then string them collectively!

All artwork games are free to download, with new exciting updates!

Come to Baby Panda's Art Classroom, and use your imagination to create one-of-a-sort art work with Baby Panda! BabyBus hopes to inspire youngsters's curiosity in art through the interval when they're most imaginative.


- 3 main themes with 8 video games and 10 taking part in modes to fully develop kids's artistic talent;

- Brilliant colors and adorable footage to appeal to children;

- Easy games for even preschool kids to observe and create art work.

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