Amino Acids Structures - Quiz and Flashcards

By Andrey Solovyev

Amino Acids Structures - Quiz and FlashcardsAmino Acids Structures - Quiz and FlashcardsAmino Acids Structures - Quiz and FlashcardsAmino Acids Structures - Quiz and FlashcardsAmino Acids Structures - Quiz and Flashcards

Do you realize the chemical formula of glycine?

Amino acids are constructing blocks of proteins and peptides. Thus, the data of their buildings and names is necessary not just for chemists, but in addition for biologists, pharmacists, and only for everybody finding out science or medicine.

This app is the best and essentially the most environment friendly method to learn the buildings, codes, and properties of 20 commonplace amino acids (lysine, valine, threonine, and so forth) and greater than 20 associated compounds (such as ornithine, taurine, cystine and others).


* All 22 proteinogenic Amino Acids (20 widespread Selenocysteine and Pyrrolysine).

* Colorful structural formulas.

* Three- and One-letter codes (abbreviations): for instance, cysteine = Cys C.

* Isoelectric points (pI).

* Essential Amino Acids - from Phenylalanine to Tryptophan.

* Polar (aspartic and glutamic acids, arginine) and Hydrophobic Amino Acids (leucine, isoleucine).

* Aromatic amino acids (tyrosine).

* Unnatural Amino Acids similar to D-Alanine.

* Dipeptides similar to Aspartame.


Choose the sport mode:

* Spelling quizzes 'Structure - Name'.

* Multiple-selection questions (with 4 or 6 answer options).

* Time sport (give as many solutions as you possibly can in 1 minute).

Two studying tools:

* Flashcards.

* Tables.

The app is translated into 8 languages, together with English, German, Spanish and plenty of others. So you possibly can learn the names of the amino acids in any of them.

It is an ideal app for everyone finding out:

* Biochemistry

* Organic Chemistry

* Molecular Biology

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